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ToolkitRC M8 black 7-30V DC 300W 15A 1-8s Charger, Multi-Tool, Servo-Tester, Constant Power Output

The ToolkitRC M8 Multi-Tool is a true all-rounder. The small device combines countless functions and is a good companion for all RC hobbyists. The M8 can be operated either with a power supply (not included) or with a rechargeable battery. If the latter is the case, the charger can even discharge another battery regeneratively. This means that the discharge current is used to charge the operating battery! This charger is also exciting for all DJI pilots: The M8 acts as a constant power source and outputs a fixed voltage and current. This makes the M8 the perfect universal power supply for charging the DJI Smart Batteries for Phantom, Mavic or Inspire.

The M8 also functions as a servo tester, signal tester and signal generator.


  • Input voltage: 7-30V @MAX 15A
  • Type of battery: Lipo LiHV LiFe @1-8S, NiMh @1-20S Pb @1-10S
  • Balance current: 400mA @2-8S
  • Charge power: 300W @MAX 15A
  • Discharge power: 300W @MAX 15A Recycle Mode, 12W@3A Normal Mode
  • USB: 2.1A @5.0V or Firmware-Upgrade


  • PWM 880-2200us @20-400Hz
  • PPM 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
  • SBUS 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
  • Voltage 1-5V @1-8S
  • Internal resistance 10-500mR @1-8S
  • ESC 300W @Max 15A


  • PWM 880-2200us @20-400Hz
  • PPM 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
  • SBUS 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
  • Power 1,0-30,0V @1-15A Mode:CC+CV
  • OverCurrent Cut Off time: 50ms


  • Dimensions: 98 x 68 x 35mm
  • Weight: 140g
  • LCD: 2.2inch, 132*64 Pixel, black and white

Delivery contents

  • 1x ToolkitRC M8 Multi Tool black

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