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XIAOMI FIMI X8 SE – 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K 12MP Camera and Range of 5km

FIMI is a drone manufacturer based in China and part of the well-known Xiaomi Group. With the MI 4K drone, FIMI has already shown that developers and engineers understand their craft. Now FIMI takes the step to Europe and, with the foldable FIMI X8 SE, places a powerful drone on the market that is hardly larger than a 6" smartphone. The perfect drone to always have with you!

FIMI X8 SE drone

The foldable design of the motor arms allows the X8 SE to shrink to a compact size of only 73 x 106 x 204mm folded. The take-off weight is only 790g. To increase the flight characteristics, the design of the drone has been aerodynamically adapted. Thanks to the increased efficiency, combined with powerful engines and optimised, folding propellers, the drone achieves impressive flight performance. Compared to the MI 4K drone, the noise level has been reduced by a further 7dBm. The Smart Battery with 3 cells and over 4.500mAh capacity keeps the drone in the air for up to 33 minutes. The X8 SE achieves a top speed of up to 65km/h. The integrated GPS antenna receives the signals from GPS and GLONASS. For precise landing or flying in areas without GPS reception (e.g. indoors), an optical flow and ultrasonic distance system is available on the underside of the drone.

3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera

The core of the FIMI X8 SE is the camera unit, which is stabilized by a brushless gimbal on all 3 axes in real time. The camera sensor used by FIMI is the powerful Sony IMX378 1/2.3 inch sensor with 12 megapixels and aperture f/2.2. Thanks to the gimbal you get extremely smooth, unshaken images, which are stored with up to 4K resolution and 100MBit on a MicroSD card. In the app, the video settings can be adjusted accordingly, including the flat color profile F-LOG, which allows a professional color grading of the shots in the post-production.

  • 3840×2160 at 30, 25 or 24 fps
  • 2560×1440 with 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
  • 1080P with 100, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
  • 720P 200 fps

Videos are recorded in the popular MP4 format. Photos can be saved in JPG or DNG format (RAW file). The DNG format (digital negative) is especially interesting for ambitious photographers for a professional post-production.

Remote control with HD real-time transmission and app

The remote control of the FIMI X8 is very compact and compatible to a variety of devices. The manufacturer provides the free, newly developed app FIMI NAVI, which is available for download for Android and iOS. The smartphone or tablet is simply inserted between the two control sticks and connected via the supplied cable. Even an iPad Mini fits in the remote control. For easy transport, the sticks can be removed and stored in the remote control. The antennas for transmitting the video and control signals can also be folded down. The manufacturer specifies a range of up to 5km. More than enough range, because you are only allowed to fly within the line of sight. The video signal is transmitted digitally and encrypted in a 720p HD resolution in real time and displayed crystal clear in the app on the smartphone. For a long flying experience, the remote control is equipped with a big 3,900mAh battery, which can be charged via USB.

The design of the app is very tidy and clearly displays all necessary flight and telemetry data. All drone settings can be made via the smartphone app. Firmware updates can be applied over-the-air via the app.

Smart Features

With the help of the app and GPS the FIMI X8 SE is supplemented by many smart functions, partly based on artificial intelligence (A.I.)!

  • Follow Me Mode - The drone follows the object (person, vehicle) selected by a touch in the app via image recognition.
  • Waypoints - Different waypoints and actions can be set on a map interface, which the X8 SE then automatically flies.
  • hyperlapses
  • motion lapse
  • Panorama images - automatic 180° panorama, horizontal panorama, varticale panorama
  • Rocket mode - Drone rises vertically up, the camera looks down at an object
  • Dronie mode - The FIMI X8 SE flies sideways away while the camera is pointing at an object
  • Circle mode: The drone rotates around the set object and stands the camera upright.
  • Spiral mode. Same as Circle mode, but the drone moves closer to the object in a spiral.

Safety and Security

Safety is the top priority when flying drones. Therefore FIMI has integrated important and helpful safety functions into the X8 SE. The classic Return-to-Home (RTH) function for an automatic return flight to the take-off point at the push of a button is implemented. The app also displays all flight conditions and warnings, e.g. battery voltage, remaining flight time, current GPS position or special situations such as a strong wind load on the Copter. According to the manufacturer the use in wind up to 50km/h is no problem. The FIMI X8 SE also has an internal no-fly zone database. If the drone reaches one of these zones (e.g. airports), it stops in the air and starts hovering.

Technical data FIMI X8 SE drone

  • Dimensions: 204 x 106 x 72.6mm
  • Diagonal Size: 372mm
  • take-off weight: 790g
  • Max ascending speed: 5m/s
  • Max descending speed: 4m/s
  • Max cruising speed: 18m/s
  • Max altitude: 500m above ground
  • Max flight time (no wind): approx. 33min (at a constant airspeed of 8m/s)
  • Wind resistance: ≤50km/h
  • Satellite Positioning System: GPS + GLONASS
  • RC/Video frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
  • Propeller size: 8.5"
  • Pitch: 3.3"
  • Color: white
  • Operating Teperature: 0-40℃
  • max. operational altitude: ≤5.000m

Technical data remote control

  • Dimensions: 203.8 x 91.0 x 46.6mm
  • Weight :370g
  • RC/Video frequency: 5.725-5.850 GHz
  • Max control range (without obstacles): approx. 5.000m
  • Battery : 3.900mAh Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging connector: MicroUSB
  • Input voltage: 5V -2A  

Technical data camera gimbal

  • Lens: FOV 78.8
  • Aperture: f2.2
  • Focus: 4.73mm
  • 35mm equivalent: 26mm
  • Sensor: Sony 1/2.3" CMOS
  • Effective Pixel: 12 Megapixel
  • ISO: 100 - 3200 for video, 100-1600 for photos
  • Shutter speed: 8 ~ 1/8000s
  • Max photo resolution: 4000 x 3000 pixels
  • Video resolution:
    • 3840x2160 30/25/24 fps
    • 2560x1440 60/50/30/25/24 fps
    • 1080P 100/60/50/30/25/24 fps
    • 720P 200 fps
  • File system: FAT32, exFAT
  • Image format: JPG, JPG+DNG
  • Video format: MP4
  • Memory card: Micro SD ( U3 or higher) 8 - 64GB (Sandisk/Kingston U3 recommended)
  • Max Bitrate Video:100Mbps

Technical Data Charger

  • Output :13.05V -3A
  • Charging power: 39.15W
  • Power supply: 100-240V~50/60Hz 1.5A
  • Certification: Q/BJFMK0001-2016

Technical Data Smart Battery

  • Final charge voltage: 13.05V
  • Capacity: 4.500mAh/51.3Wh
  • Nominal voltage: 11.4V
  • Weight: approx. 275g

Delivery contents

  • 1x FIMI X8 SE drone
  • 1x Smart Flight Battery 3s 4.500mAh
  • 1x remote control
  • 3x folding propellers, clockwise rotation
  • 3x folding propellers, counterclockwise rotation
  • 1x Battery charger 230V
  • 1x 230V connection cable
  • 3x USB cable (USB-C, MicroUSB, Apple Lightning)
  • Manual german/english

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